Resources Designed and Selected For Immigrant Youth

Hello, welcome to Amiguía Americana, a resource hub housing a variety of interactive, fun, and easy-to-use resources for Latino immigrant youth. Adapting to American culture has its challenges so we’ve collected activities that can help future generations familiarize themselves with and navigate through the everyday challenges and opportunities that life in the United States presents.

This site is specifically designed for adults, who care about immigrant youth, their well-being, and their future, to browse and use any and all relevant resources. Activities here range from quick ice breakers that require little time and no materials to activities that requires some materials and a little more time to games that simulate important issues and situations in order for these youth to successfully develop critical life skills. These include:

  • Connecting with others including classmates and people in your community
  • Acculturating to American culture and life in general
  • Familiarizing yourself with American language and etiquette
  • Learning how to act or cope with everyday situations
  • Navigating the U.S. immigration system
  • ... and more !

Just imagine how you can help send the important youth in your life down a bright path ahead, including but not limited to increasing their well-being and happiness, getting them into college, having a successful career, and pursuing their version of the American dream.

So go check out our games, icebreakers, and other activities, and jump into the fun!


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