What Did He Say?

Ever had trouble communicating with someone because of a language or even vocabulary barrier?

The purpose of this game is to simulate what it is like to have indirect communication with someone and have to rely on communicating through a third party. For example, you may need communicate to someone using an interpreter because you don't speak the same language or dialect or you have different terminology for the same thing.

The game is very simple though it’s normal to be confused by the rules in the beginning, kind of like in real life. After 2-3 rounds, the rules will become familiar and the rounds will run pretty quickly.

Activity type: Icebreaker, language practice

Number of players: 4 or more players. Works best with 6-10 players. (Bigger groups can be broken into smaller groups of 6 or more players.)

Length: 2 minutes to explain the rules. Play time can then be as short as 1 minute or for as long as you like

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  • Jamie Harper, Game Design
  • Lien Tran, Game Producer

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